Shacman 6X4 Snow Sweeper


Truck Model SX3255DR384
Max. running speed (km/h) 85
Drive System 6× 4
Overall 8385*2490*3450
Dump body 5600*2300*1500
Wheel base (mm) 3775+1400
Engine WP10.340E22 ( Weichai, Euro 2 )
Rated power 340 hp
Gearbox 10JSD180 (Fast gear)
Clutch 430 Diaphragm type
Steering ZF technology
Cab MAN F3000 flat roof Cabin with A/C & sleeper
Axle Front 9.5 Ton MAN with Drum brake
Rear 16 Ton MAN axle,Double reduction 5.92
Tyre 12.00R20
Oil tank 400L
Optional JACOB Brake
Function Multi-function car snow removal
Inspecting and effective volume Dry medium: 10, the liquid medium: 2 m3
The average speed of homework Push the snow homework average speed of 30,
and the average speed of 20 km cloth homework/h
And cloth width 3-12 meters
And cloth density Wet salt: 5 ~ 240, sand: 40 ~ 320 g/m2
Other special parameters Optional push skis: model SPS300, wide X high: 400 X1000;9°;
Cut the snow blade Angle: 9 °;200Push the snow shovel extension forward: 200

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