Shacman F3000 6x4 Suction sewage dump tipper vacuum tank truck
Shacman F3000 6×4 Suction sewage dump tipper vacuum tank truck


Model SX1256JR434C
Max. running speed (km/h) 85
Drive System 6×4
Overall 9300x2490x3450
Tank body 10,000 liters
Hydraulic lifting system front lifting
Wheel base (mm) 4375+1400
Engine ISME345 30 ( Weichai, Euro 2)
Horsepower 345 hp
Ma.torque ( N,m) 1460
Displacement (L) 9.7L
Gearbox 10JSD180 , FAST Gearbox
Clutch 430 Diaphragm type
Steering ZF technology
Cab F3000 Flat Cabin with A/C & single-sleeper
Axle Front axle 7.5T MAN technology
Rear axle 13T MAN casting axle, final ratio 4.266
Tyre (radial tyre) 12.00R20
Oil tank 400L(ALLOY)
Pump Install water ring vacuum suction pump for 12000Liters Sewage suction truck. the water ring vacuum suction pump has enough suction vacuum; compared with the traditional rotary vane vacuum pump has the advantages of compact structure, reliable work and flow evenly balanced, strong, stable and reliable work, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Is a relatively advanced sewage suction truck.

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